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Adjective: absorbent  ub'sor-bunt or ub'zor-bunt
  1. Having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)
    "as absorbent as a sponge";
    - absorptive
Noun: absorbent  ub'sor-bunt or ub'zor-bunt
  1. A material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance
    - absorbent material

Derived forms: absorbents

See also: absorbefacient, absorbency, assimilating, assimilative, assimilatory, hygroscopic, receptive, shock-absorbent, sorbefacient, spongelike, spongy, thirsty

Type of: sorbent, sorbent material

Antonym: nonabsorbent

Encyclopedia: Absorbent