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Adjective: achromatic  ,ak-ru'ma-tik
  1. Having no hue
    "achromatic colours like black or white";
    - neutral

See also: argent, ash-gray [US], ash-grey [Brit, Cdn], ashy, black-gray [US], black-grey [Brit, Cdn], blackish, blackish-gray [US], blackish-grey [Brit, Cdn], blue-black, blue-gray [US], blue-grey [Brit, Cdn], blue-white, bluish black, bluish-gray [US], bluish-grey [Brit, Cdn], bluish-white, brown-black, brown-gray [US], brown-grey [Brit, Cdn], brownish-black, brownish-gray [US], brownish-grey [Brit, Cdn], canescent, chalky, charcoal, charcoal-gray [US], charcoal-grey [Brit, Cdn], chromaticity, coal-black, colorless [US], colourless [Brit, Cdn], cool-white, cottony-white, dark-gray [US], dark-grey [Brit, Cdn], dull-white, ebon, ebony, gray [US], gray-black [US], grayish [US], grayish-black [US], grayish-white [US], gray-white [US], greenish-gray [US], greenish-grey [Brit, Cdn], greenish-white, green-white, grey [Brit, Cdn], grey-black [Brit, Cdn], greyish [Brit, Cdn], greyish-black [Brit, Cdn], greyish-white [Brit, Cdn], grey-white [Brit, Cdn], hue, hueless, ink-black, inky, inky-black, iron-gray [US], iron-grey [Brit, Cdn], jet, jet-black, lily-white, milk-white, nigrescent [rare], off-white, olive-gray [US], olive-grey [Brit, Cdn], oxford-gray [US], oxford-grey [Brit, Cdn], pearl gray [US], pearl grey [Brit, Cdn], pearly, pearly-white, pinkish-white, pitchy, purple-black, purple-white, purplish-black, purplish-white, reddish-gray [US], reddish-grey [Brit, Cdn], red-gray [US], red-grey [Brit, Cdn], sable, silver, silver-gray [US], silver-grey [Brit, Cdn], silverish, silver-white, silvery, silvery-gray [US], silvery-grey [Brit, Cdn], silvery-white, slate-black, slate-gray [US], slate-grey [Brit, Cdn], slatey, slaty, slaty-gray [US], slaty-grey [Brit, Cdn], snow-white, snowy, soot-black, sooty, sooty-black, stone-gray [US], stone-grey [Brit, Cdn], violet-black, white-flowered, whitish, yellow-gray [US], yellow-grey [Brit, Cdn], yellowish-gray [US], yellowish-grey [Brit, Cdn], yellowish-white, yellow-white

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