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Adjective: activating  'ak-ti,vey-ting
  1. Causing motion, action or change
    "The aeroplane has self-activating flaps on the wings";
    - actuating
Noun: activating  'ak-ti,vey-ting
  1. The activity of causing to have energy and be active
    - energizing, activation, energising [Brit]
Verb: activate  'ak-ti,veyt
  1. Put in motion, initiate (a device, reaction, circuit, etc)
    "activate the circuits";
    - actuate, trigger, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off
  2. Make active or more active
    "activate an old file"
  3. Make more adsorptive
    "activate a metal"
  4. Aerate (sewage) so as to favour the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter
    - aerate
  5. Make (substances) radioactive

See also: causative

Type of: activity, alter, change, initiate, modify, pioneer

Antonym: inactivate

Encyclopedia: Activate