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Noun: adhesive  ad'hee-siv or ud'hee-siv
  1. A substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
    - adhesive material, adhesive agent
Adjective: adhesive  ad'hee-siv or ud'hee-siv
  1. Tending to adhere

Derived forms: adhesives

See also: adherent, agglutinate, agglutinative, bondable, coherent, cohesive, gluey, glutinous, gooey [informal], gum-like, gummed, gummy, icky [informal], mucilaginous, pastie, pasty, pitchy, resinous, resiny, self-sealing, stick-on, sticky, tarry, tenacious, viscid, viscous

Type of: material, stuff

Antonym: nonadhesive

Encyclopedia: Adhesive