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Noun: advert  ud'vurt or ad'vurt
Usage: Brit
  1. A public promotion of some product or service
    - ad [informal], advertisement, advertizement [US, non-standard], advertising, advertizing [US, non-standard]
Verb: advert  ud'vurt or ad'vurt
Usage: rare
  1. Give heed (to)
    "The children in the audience adverted the recital quietly";
    - attend, hang, pay heed, give ear
  2. Make a more or less disguised reference to
    - allude, touch
  3. Make reference to
    - mention, bring up, cite, name, refer

Derived forms: adverted, adverts, adverting

Type of: have in mind, hint, listen, mean, packaging, promo [informal], promotion, promotional material, publicity, suggest, think of

Encyclopedia: Advert, Gaye