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Adjective: allover  'ol,ow-vu(r)
  1. Covering the entire surface
    "an allover pattern"; "got an allover tan"
Adverb: all over  ol ow-vu(r)
  1. Covering the entire area
    "the wallpaper was covered all over with flowers"; "she ached all over";
    - over
  2. To or in any or all places
    "looked all over for a suitable gift";
    - everywhere, everyplace [N. Amer, informal]
Adjective: all over  ol ow-vu(r)
  1. Having come or been brought to a conclusion
    "the harvesting was all over";
    - complete, concluded, ended, over, terminated
Preposition: all over  ol ow-vu(r)
  1. In the whole extent of; everywhere
    "climate change will be a problem all over the world";
    - throughout, over, all around, across, around, round

See also: complete, finished