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Verb: amplify  'amp-lu,fI
  1. Increase in size, volume or significance
    "Her terror was amplified in her mind";
    - magnify
  2. To enlarge beyond bounds or the truth
    "tended to romanticize and amplify this 'gracious Old South' imagery";
    - overstate, exaggerate, overdraw, hyperbolize, hyperbolise [Brit], magnify
  3. Exaggerate or make bigger
    "The charges were amplified";
    - inflate, blow up, expand
  4. Increase the volume of
    "amplify sound";
    - amp [informal]

Derived forms: amplifies, amplifying, amplified

Type of: compound, deepen, disinform, enlarge, heighten, increase, intensify, misinform, mislead

Antonym: downplay

Encyclopedia: Amplify