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Adjective: antediluvian  ,an-tee-di'loo-vee-un
  1. So extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
    "a ramshackle antediluvian tenement"; "antediluvian ideas";
    - antiquated, archaic
  2. Of or relating to the period before the biblical flood
    "antediluvian man";
    - antediluvial
Noun: antediluvian  ,an-tee-di'loo-vee-un
  1. Any of the early patriarchs who lived prior to the Noachian deluge
    - antediluvian patriarch
  2. A very old person
    - ancient

Derived forms: antediluvians

See also: old

Type of: golden ager [N. Amer, informal], old person, oldster [N. Amer, informal], patriarch, senior citizen

Encyclopedia: Antediluvian