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Verb: anticipate  an'ti-su,peyt
  1. Regard something as probable or likely
    "The meteorologists are anticipating rain for tomorrow";
    - expect
  2. Act in advance of; deal with ahead of time
    - foresee, forestall, counter
  3. Realize beforehand
    - previse, foreknow, foresee
  4. Make a prediction about; tell in advance
    "anticipate the outcome of an election";
    - predict, foretell, prognosticate, call, forebode, promise
  5. Be excited or anxious about
    - look for, look to
  6. Be a forerunner of or occur earlier than
    "This composition anticipates Impressionism"

Derived forms: anticipated, anticipates, anticipating

Type of: act, await, come about, evaluate, expect, fall out, go on, guess, hap [archaic], happen, hazard, judge, look, move, occur, pass, pass judgment, pass off, pretend, take place, venture, wait

Encyclopedia: Anticipate