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Adjective: approximate  u'prók-su-mut
  1. Not quite exact or correct
    "the approximate time was 10 o'clock";
    - approximative, rough
  2. Very close in resemblance
    "sketched in an approximate likeness";
    - near
  3. Located close together
    "approximate leaves grow together but are not united";
    - close together
Verb: approximate  u'prók-su-mut
  1. Form an estimate of (quantities or time)
    - estimate, gauge, guess, judge
  2. Be close or similar
    "Her results approximate my own";
    - come close

Derived forms: approximates, approximating, approximated

See also: close, inexact, overestimate, underestimate

Type of: calculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure [N. Amer], reckon, resemble, work out

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