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Adjective: apropos  ,a-pru'pow or 'a-pru,pow
  1. Of an appropriate or pertinent nature
Adverb: apropos  ,a-pru'pow or 'a-pru,pow
  1. At an opportune time
    "your letter arrived apropos";
    - seasonably, timely, well-timed
  2. Introducing a different topic
    - by the way, by the bye, incidentally
Preposition: apropos  ,a-pru'pow or 'a-pru,pow
  1. With regard or relation to; on the subject of
    "I have a query apropos your previous reply";
    - regarding, concerning, about, respecting, re, as regards, with regard to, as for, as to, in connection with

See also: apposite, appropriate, appropriateness, apt, pertinent

Antonym: malapropos

Encyclopedia: Apropos