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Adjective: articulated  aa(r)'tik-yu,ley-tid
  1. Consisting of segments held together by joints
    - articulate
Verb: articulate  aa(r)'tik-yu-lut
  1. Put into words or an expression
    "He articulated his concerns to the board of trustees";
    - give voice, formulate, word, phrase
  2. Say (a word, phrase or syllable) in a certain way
    "She articulates French words in a funny way";
    - pronounce, enounce, sound out, enunciate, say
  3. Unite by forming a joint or joints
    "the ankle bone articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle bones"
  4. Express or state clearly
    - enunciate, vocalize, vocalise [Brit]
  5. (carpentry) provide with a joint
    "the carpenter articulated two pieces of wood";
    - joint

See also: jointed

Type of: connect, evince [formal], express, furnish, join, link, link up, offer, provide, render, say, show, state, supply, tell, unite

Encyclopedia: Articulated