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Noun: balancing  ba-lun-sing
  1. Getting two things to correspond
    "the balancing of his chequebook and the bank statement";
    - reconciliation
Verb: balance  ba-lun(t)s
  1. Bring into balance or equilibrium
    "balance the two weights"; "She has to balance work and her domestic duties";
    - equilibrate, equilibrize, equilibrise [Brit]
  2. Compute credits and debits of an account
  3. Hold or carry in equilibrium
    - poise
  4. Be in equilibrium
    "He was balancing on one foot"

Derived forms: balancings

Type of: account, be, bear, calculate, carry, equalisation [Brit], equalization, fit, hold, leveling [US], levelling [Brit, Cdn], match

Antonym: unbalance

Encyclopedia: Balancing