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Verb: bang  bang
  1. Strike violently
    "bang the ball";
    - slam
  2. To produce a sharp often metallic explosive or percussive sound
    "One of them banged the sash of the window nearest my bed"
  3. Close violently
    "He banged the door shut";
    - slam
  4. Move noisily
    "The window banged shut"; "The old man banged around the house"
  5. [vulgar] Have sexual intercourse
    "they banged in the back of the car";
    - sleep together, love, make out, make love, sleep with, have sex, know [archaic], do it, be intimate, have intercourse, lie with [archaic], bed, have a go at it, get it on, make whoopee, nail [N. Amer]
  6. Leap, jerk, bang
    "Bullets banged into the trees";
    - spang
Noun: bang  bang
  1. A vigorous blow
    "he got a bang on the head";
    - knock, bash, smash, belt, sock
  2. A sudden very loud noise
    - clap, eruption, blast, bam
  3. [N. Amer] A border of hair that is cut short and hangs across the forehead
    - fringe
  4. A sudden pleasurable excitement
    "they got a great bang out of it";
    - boot, charge, rush, flush, thrill, kick
  5. A conspicuous success
    "the party went with a bang";
    - hit, smash, smasher, strike, sizzler
  6. [N. Amer] A punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation
    - exclamation mark [Brit, Cdn], exclamation point [N. Amer]
  7. A preparation of the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant; much used in India
    - bhang
Adverb: bang  bang
  1. Directly
    "he ran bang into the pole";
    - slap, slapdash, smack, bolt

Derived forms: banged, bangs, banging

Type of: blow, bump, close, coif, coiffure, collide with, copulate, couple, excitement, exhilaration, go, hair style, hairdo, hairstyle, hit, impact, impinge on, locomote, mate, move, noise, pair, punctuation, punctuation mark, run into, shut, soft drug, sound, strike, success, travel

Part of: Cannabis indica, Indian hemp

Encyclopedia: Bang, Bushehr