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Noun: banning  ba-ning
  1. An official prohibition or edict against something
    - ban, forbiddance, forbidding
Verb: ban (banned,banning)  ban
  1. Forbid the public distribution of(a movie or a newspaper)
    - censor
  2. Prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure
    "Smoking is banned in this building"
  3. Expel from a community or group
    - banish, ostracize, ostracise [Brit], shun, cast out, blackball

Derived forms: bannings

Type of: criminalise [Brit], criminalize, disallow, expel, forbid, illegalise [Brit], illegalize, interdict, kick out, nix [N. Amer], outlaw, prohibit, prohibition, proscribe, throw out, veto

Encyclopedia: Banning, Delaware

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