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Adjective: barren (barrener,barrenest)  ber-un [N. Amer], ba-run [Brit]
  1. Providing no shelter or sustenance
    "barren lands";
    - bare, bleak, desolate, stark
  2. Not bearing offspring
    "a barren woman"
  3. Completely wanting or lacking
    "writing barren of insight";
    - destitute, devoid, free, innocent, empty
  4. Having little or no vegetation; desolate and lifeless
Noun: barren  ber-un [N. Amer], ba-run [Brit]
  1. An uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation
    "the barrens of central Africa";
    - waste, wasteland

Sounds like: baron

Derived forms: barrens, barrenest, barrener

See also: infertile, inhospitable, nonexistent, sterile, unfertile

Type of: wild, wilderness

Encyclopedia: Barren, Missouri