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Noun: battery  ba-tu-ree
  1. A device that produces electricity; may have several primary or secondary cells arranged in parallel or series
    - electric battery
  2. (military) group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place
  3. A collection of related things intended for use together
    "took a battery of achievement tests"
  4. A unit composed of the pitcher and catcher
  5. A series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores
    - stamp battery
  6. The heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target
    - barrage, barrage fire, bombardment, shelling
  7. An assault in which the assailant makes physical contact
    - assault and battery
  8. [Brit] A set of small cages where egg-laying hens are kept

Derived forms: batteries

Type of: accumulation, aggregation, artillery, artillery unit, assault, assemblage, collection, electrical device, fire, firing, squad, stamp mill, stamping mill, team

Part of: baseball team

Encyclopedia: Battery, the