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Adjective: belted  bel-tid
  1. Having or provided with a belt
    "a belted dress"
Verb: belt  belt
  1. Sing loudly and forcefully
    - belt out
  2. Deliver a blow to
    "He belted his opponent"
  3. Fasten with a belt
    "belt your trousers"
  4. Move along very quickly
    - zoom, zoom along, whizz, whizz along, barrel, rocket, bucket

See also: banded, belt-fed, beltlike, belt-like

Type of: belt along, bucket along, cannonball along, fasten, fix, hasten, hie [archaic], hit, hotfoot, hurry, pelt along, race, rush, rush along, secure, sing, speed, step on it, travel rapidly, zip

Antonym: unbelt, unbelted

Encyclopedia: Belted, Buckled and Booted

Belt, Montana