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Verb: bend (bent)  bend
  1. Form a curve
    "The stick does not bend";
    - flex
  2. Change direction
    "The road bends"
  3. Cause (an object) to assume a crooked or angular form
    "bend the rod";
    - flex, deform, twist, turn
  4. Bend one's back forward from the waist on down
    "he bent down";
    - stoop, bow[2]
  5. Turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest
    - deflect, turn away
  6. Bend a joint
    "bend your knees";
    - flex
  7. Interpret or modify (a rule) to fit what one wants to do
    "he often bends the rules"
  8. (music) smoothly change the pitch of a note
Noun: bend  bend
  1. A circular segment of a curve
    "a bend in the road";
    - crook, twist, turn
  2. Movement that causes the formation of a curve
    - bending
  3. Curved segment (of a road, river or railway track etc.)
    - curve
  4. An angular or rounded shape made by folding
    "a bend of his elbow";
    - fold, crease, plication, flexure, crimp
  5. Diagonal line traversing a shield from the upper right corner to the lower left
    - bend dexter
  6. A type of knot used to join two ropes
Noun: Bend  bend
  1. A town in central Oregon at the eastern foot of the Cascade Range

Derived forms: bent, bending, bends

Type of: angular shape, angularity, change form, change shape, curve, curved shape, deform, motion, move, movement, ordinary, section, segment, town, turn

Antonym: unbend

Part of: Beaver State, OR, Ore., Oregon, road, route

Encyclopedia: Bend, Oregon metropolitan area