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Noun: blackcap  'blak,kap
  1. Raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit
    - black raspberry, blackcap raspberry, thimbleberry, Rubus occidentalis
  2. Small black-headed European gull
    - laughing gull, pewit, pewit gull, Larus ridibundus
  3. Chickadee having a dark crown
    - black-capped chickadee, Parus atricapillus
  4. Small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown
    - Silvia atricapilla

Derived forms: blackcaps

Type of: chickadee, gull, Old World warbler, raspberry, raspberry bush, sea gull, seagull, true warbler

Part of: genus Larus, genus Silvia, Larus, Silvia

Encyclopedia: Blackcap, East Sussex