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Noun: blues  blooz
  1. A type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century; has a melancholy sound from repeated use of blue notes
  2. A state of depression
    "he had a bad case of the blues";
    - blue devils, megrims, vapors [US], vapours [Brit, Cdn]
Noun: blue  bloo
  1. Blue colour or pigment; resembling the colour of the clear sky in the daytime
    "he had eyes of bright blue";
    - blueness
  2. Blue clothing
    "she was wearing blue"
  3. Any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are blue
    "the Union army was a vast blue"
  4. The sky as viewed during daylight
    "he shot an arrow into the blue";
    - blue sky, blue air, wild blue yonder
  5. Used to whiten laundry, hair or give it a bluish tinge
    - bluing, blueing
  6. The sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate; used as a sedative and a hypnotic
    - amobarbital sodium, blue angel, blue devil, Amytal
  7. Any of numerous small butterflies of the family Lycaenidae
  8. [Austral, NZ, informal] An angry dispute
    "they had a blue";
    - quarrel, wrangle, row[2], words, run-in [informal], dustup [informal], dust-up, bust-up [informal], slanging match [Brit, informal], ding-dong [Brit, informal], barney [Brit, informal]
  9. [Austral, NZ, informal] Someone who has red hair
    - redhead, redheader, red-header, carrottop [informal], ginger [informal]
  10. [Austral, NZ, informal] An embarrassing mistake
    - blunder, blooper [N. Amer, informal], bloomer [informal], bungle, pratfall [informal], foul-up, flub [N. Amer, informal], botch, boner [N. Amer, informal], boo-boo [informal], goof [informal], boob [Brit, informal]
Verb: blue  bloo
  1. Turn blue

Type of: African-American music, amobarbital, article of clothing, black music, chromatic color [US], chromatic colour [Brit, Cdn], clothing, color [US], colour [Brit, Cdn], conflict, depression, difference, difference of opinion, discolor [US], discolour [Brit, Cdn], dispute, duds [informal], dye, dyestuff, error, fault, folk ballad, folk song, folksong, habiliment [archaic], individual, lycaenid, lycaenid butterfly, mistake, mortal, organisation [Brit], organization, person, sky, somebody, someone, soul, spectral color [US], spectral colour [Brit, Cdn], threads [informal], togs [informal], vesture, wear, wearable

Part of: genus Lycaena, Lycaena

Encyclopedia: Blues, Rags and Hollers

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