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Adjective: booming  boo-ming
  1. Very lively and profitable
    "booming businesses";
    - flourishing, palmy, prospering, prosperous, roaring, thriving
  2. (used of the voice or sound) deep and resonant
    "His booming voice occasionally rose to such a pitch as to astound the Indians encamped in the vicinity";
    - stentorian
Verb: boom  boom
  1. Make a resonant sound, like artillery
    "His deep voice boomed through the hall";
    - din
  2. Hit hard
    "He boomed a 3-run homer";
    - smash, nail [informal], blast
  3. Be the case that thunder is being heard
    "Whenever it booms, my dog crawls under the bed";
    - thunder
  4. Make a deep hollow sound
    "Her voice booms out the words of the song";
    - boom out
  5. Grow vigorously
    "business is booming";
    - thrive, flourish, expand

See also: full, successful

Type of: go, grow, hit, sound

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