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Adjective: bootleg  'boot,leg
  1. Distributed or sold illicitly
    "the bootleg economy pays no taxes";
    - black, black-market, contraband, smuggled
Noun: bootleg  'boot,leg
  1. Whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash
    - moonshine, corn liquor
  2. The part of a boot above the instep
Verb: bootleg (bootlegged,bootlegging)  'boot,leg
  1. (crime) sell illicit products such as drugs or alcohol
    "They were bootlegging whiskey"
  2. Produce or distribute illegally
    "bootleg tapes of the diva's singing"

Derived forms: bootlegging, bootlegged, bootlegs

See also: illegal

Type of: corn, corn whiskey, corn whisky, covering, create, flog [Brit], make, produce, sell

Part of: boot

Encyclopedia: Bootleg