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Noun: boy  boy
  1. A youthful male person
    "she made the boy brush his teeth every night"; "most soldiers are only boys in uniform"; "the baby was a boy";
    - male child
  2. A friendly informal reference to a grown man
    "he likes to play golf with the boys"
  3. A male human offspring
    "his boy is taller than he is";
    - son

Sounds like: buoy

Derived forms: boys

Type of: adult male, bozo [N. Amer, informal], cat [N. Amer, informal], chappie [Brit, informal], geezer [Brit, informal], guy [informal], hombre [Brit, N. Amer, informal], male, male offspring, male person, man, man-child, sod [informal]

Antonym: girl, little girl

Encyclopedia: Boy, Goes To Heaven