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Adjective: brittle (brittler,brittlest)  bri-t(u)l
  1. Having little elasticity; hence easily cracked, fractured or snapped
    "brittle bones"; "glass is brittle";
    - brickle, brickly
  2. Lacking warmth and generosity of spirit
    "a brittle and calculating woman"
  3. (of metal or glass) not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured
    - unannealed
Noun: brittle  bri-t(u)l
  1. Caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
    - toffee, toffy

Derived forms: brittles, brittler, brittlest

See also: breakable, coldhearted, unhardened, untempered

Type of: candy, confect, lolly [Austral, NZ], sweet [Brit], sweetie [Brit, informal]

Encyclopedia: Brittle