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Adjective: bugged  búgd
  1. Having hidden electronic eavesdropping devices
    "even the car is bugged";
    - wired
Verb: bug (bugged,bugging)  búg
  1. Annoy persistently
    "The children bugged the boy because of his stammer";
    - tease, badger, pester, beleaguer
  2. Secretly listen in on a communication channel (esp. a telephone) in order to get information
    "Is this hotel room bugged?";
    - wiretap, tap, intercept
  3. Put in place electronic eavesdropping equipment
    "his house is bugged";
    - wire

See also: wired

Type of: bedevil, crucify, dun, earwig [Brit, informal], eavesdrop, frustrate, listen in, rag, torment

Encyclopedia: Bugged

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