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Adjective: burdened  bur-d(u)nd
  1. Bearing a physically heavy weight or load
    "tree limbs burdened with ice";
    - heavy-laden, loaded down
  2. Bearing a heavy burden of work, difficulties or responsibilities
    "she always felt burdened by the load of paper work"
Verb: burden  bur-d(u)n
  1. Add a heavy load; increase the weight of a load
    - burthen, weight, weight down
  2. Impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to
    "He burdened her with cleaning up all the files over the weekend";
    - charge, saddle, lumber [Brit, informal]

See also: bowed down, encumbered, laden, loaded down, oppressed, overburdened, saddled, weighed down

Type of: charge, command, require

Antonym: unburden, unburdened

Encyclopedia: Burden, Luxembourg