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Noun: burying  be-ree-ing
  1. Concealing something under the ground
    - burial
Verb: bury  be-ree
  1. Cover from sight
    "Afghani women buried under their burkas"
  2. Place in a grave or tomb
    "Stalin was buried behind the Kremlin wall on Red Square";
    - entomb, inhume, inter, lay to rest, tomb, ensepulchre [Brit, Cdn], ensepulcher [US]
  3. Place in the earth and cover with soil
    "They buried the stolen goods"
  4. Enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
    "The huge waves buried the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter";
    - immerse, swallow, swallow up, eat up
  5. Embed deeply
    "He buried his head in her lap";
    - sink
  6. Dismiss from the mind; stop remembering
    "I tried to bury these unpleasant memories";
    - forget, disremember

Sounds like: berrying

Derived forms: buryings

Type of: close in, conceal, concealing, concealment, deposit, embed, enclose, engraft, fix, hide, hiding, imbed, implant, inclose, lay, plant, posit, put down, repose, shut in, situate

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