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Noun: butterfly orchid
  1. Any orchid of the genus Psychopsis: spectacular large tiger-striped orchids
  2. Any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowers; often grown as houseplants
    - oncidium, dancing lady orchid, butterfly plant
  3. Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip
    - butterfly orchis, Epidendrum venosum, Encyclia venosa
  4. Orchid of Florida and the Bahamas having showy brightly coloured flowers; sometimes placed in genus Epidendrum
    - Encyclia tampensis, Epidendrum tampense
  5. Mediterranean orchid having usually purple flowers with a fan-shaped spotted or striped rose-red lip
    - butterfly orchis, Orchis papilionaceae

Derived forms: butterfly orchids

Type of: orchid, orchidaceous plant, orchis

Part of: Encyclia, genus Encyclia, genus Oncidium, genus Psychopsis, Psychopsis

Encyclopedia: Butterfly orchid