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Preposition: by  bI
  1. In the neighbourhood of, close to
    "my house is by the church";
    - near
  2. By means of; with aid of; through the act or agency of
    "destroyed by fire";
    - through
  3. Used in specifying adjacent dimensions
    "a room ten by twenty metres"
  4. At some time before; before the end of a given time interval
    "get it done by 9am tomorrow"
  5. On, in traversing
    "came by the path";
    - along
Adverb: by  bI
  1. So as to pass a given point
    "every hour a train goes by";
    - past
  2. In reserve; not for immediate use
    "put something by for her old age";
    - aside, away

Sounds like: buy, bye, bi

Encyclopedia: By, Norway