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Verb: call up
  1. Bring forward for consideration
    "The case was called up in court";
    - bring forward
  2. Get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone
    - call, telephone, phone, ring
  3. Have and bring to mind a memory of something; bring back knowledge from memory
    "call up memories";
    - remember, retrieve, recall, call back, recollect, think
  4. Cause to become available for use, either literally or figuratively
    "clicking on the icon calls up the program"; "the author's description of the banquet called up delicious aromas";
    - summon
  5. Call to arms; of military personnel
    - mobilize, mobilise [Brit], rally
Noun: call up
  1. (military) an order to report for military duty

Derived forms: calls up, call ups, called up, calling up

See also: think back

Type of: call, create, make, raise, send for, summons, telecommunicate