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Noun: canary  ku'neh-ree
  1. Any of several small Old World finches
    - canary bird
  2. A moderate yellow with a greenish tinge
    - canary yellow
  3. A female singer
  4. [N. Amer] Someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police
    - fink [N. Amer, informal], snitch [informal], snitcher [informal], stoolpigeon [informal], stool pigeon [informal], stoolie [N. Amer, informal], sneak [informal], grass [Brit, informal], snout [Brit, informal]
Adjective: canary  ku'neh-ree
  1. Having the colour of a canary; of a light to moderate yellow
    - canary-yellow

Derived forms: canaries

See also: chromatic

Type of: betrayer, blabber [informal], finch, informer, rat [informal], singer, squealer, vocaliser [Brit], vocalist, vocalizer, yellow, yellowness

Part of: genus Serinus, Serinus

Encyclopedia: Canary, LLC