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Noun: a capella singing
  1. Singing without instrumental accompaniment
    - a cappella singing
Adverb: a capella  ,a-ku'pe-lu
  1. Without musical accompaniment
    "they performed a capella";
    - a cappella
Adjective: a capella  ,a-ku'pe-lu
  1. Sung without instrumental accompaniment
    - a cappella
Noun: Capella  ku'pe-lu
  1. The brightest star in Auriga
  2. Snipes
    - Gallinago, genus Gallinago, genus Capella

See also: unaccompanied

Type of: bird genus, giant, giant star, singing, vocalising [Brit], vocalizing

Part of: Auriga, Charioteer, family Scolopacidae, Scolopacidae

Encyclopedia: A capella

Capella, North Carolina