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Verb: carry over  'ker-ee'ow-vur [N. Amer], 'ka-ree'ow-vu(r) [Brit]
  1. Transfer or persist from one stage or sphere of activity to another
  2. Transport from one place or state to another
    "Adam would have been carried over into the life eternal"
  3. Hold over goods to be sold for the next season
    - hold over
  4. (accountancy) transfer from one time period to the next
    - carry forward
Noun: carry-over  'ker-ee,ow-vur [N. Amer], 'ka-ree,ow-vu(r) [Brit]
  1. Application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation
    - transfer, transfer of training
  2. [Brit] The accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves
    - carry-forward [Brit, Cdn]

Derived forms: carries over, carried over, carrying over, carry-overs

Type of: acquisition, balance, die hard, endure, hold on, keep, learning, persist, prevail, run, shift, transfer, transport

Encyclopedia: Carry-over