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Adjective: Caucasian  ko'key-zhun or o'key-zee-un
  1. Of or relating to the geographical region of Caucasia
    "Caucasian languages";
    - Caucasic
  2. Of or relating to Caucasian people
    "In profile, many Caucasian skulls exhibit a somewhat flat face";
    - Caucasoid
Noun: Caucasian  ko'key-zhun or o'key-zee-un
  1. A Caucasian
    - White, White person
  2. A number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere
    - Caucasian language

Derived forms: Caucasians

See also: white

Type of: individual, mortal, natural language, person, somebody, someone, soul, tongue

Encyclopedia: Caucasian