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Adjective: caulked  kokt
  1. Having cracks and crevices stopped up with a filler
    "All seams must be thoroughly caulked with a round-nosed pneumatic caulking tool"
Verb: caulk  kok
  1. Seal with caulking
    "caulk the window";
    - calk [US]
  2. (animal husbandry) provide with calks
    "caulk horse shoes";
    - calk [US]
  3. Injure with a calk
    - calk [US]

Sounds like: corked

See also: chinked, stopped-up, weather-stripped

Type of: furnish, injure, offer, provide, render, seal, seal off, supply, wound

Antonym: uncaulked

Encyclopedia: Caulk