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Noun: chipping  chi-ping
  1. A small piece of broken up wood, stone, etc.
    "bark chippings"
  2. The act of chipping something
    - chip, splintering
Verb: chip (chipped,chipping)  chip
  1. Break off (a piece from a whole)
    "Her tooth chipped";
    - chip off, come off, break away, break off
  2. Cut a nick into
    - nick
  3. (golf) play a chip shot
  4. Form by chipping
    "They chipped their names in the stone"
  5. Break a small piece off from
    "chip a tooth"; "chip the glass";
    - knap, cut off, break off

Derived forms: chippings

See also: chip at

Type of: break, breakage, breaking, cut, divide, forge, form, mold [N. Amer], mould [Brit, Cdn], part, separate, shape, shoot, work

Encyclopedia: Chipping, Lancashire

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