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Adjective: clarifying  'kler-u,fI-ing [N. Amer], 'kla-ru,fI-ing [Brit]
  1. That makes clear
    "a clarifying example";
    - elucidative
Verb: clarify  'kler-u,fI [N. Amer], 'kla-ru,fI [Brit]
  1. Make clear and (more) comprehensible
    "clarify the mystery surrounding her death";
    - clear up, elucidate
  2. (cooking) make clear by removing impurities or solids, as by heating
    "clarify the butter"; "clarify beer"

See also: informative, instructive

Type of: alter, change, explain, explicate, modify

Antonym: obfuscate

Encyclopedia: Clarify