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Noun: classic  kla-sik
  1. A creation of the highest excellence
  2. An artist who has created classic works
  3. A major, long-standing sporting event
Adjective: classic  kla-sik
  1. Of or relating to the first significant period of a civilization, culture, area of study, etc.
    "classic Chinese pottery";
    - classical
  2. Of a well-known type; remarkably typical
    "the classic struggle between good and evil"; "I woke up with all the classic symptoms of the flu"; "she made the classic mistake of choosing style over substance"
  3. Considered of the highest quality and lasting significance or worth
    "a classic car"; "'War and Peace' is a classic novel"
  4. Well-known and long-established in form or style
    "classic double-breasted suit"; "the classic struggle between good and evil";
    - classical

Derived forms: classics

See also: classical, Graeco-Roman, Greco-Roman, neoclassic, neoclassical, superior, traditional, typical

Type of: artist, creation, creative person

Encyclopedia: Classic, Classical, and Classicism