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Noun: climber  klI-mu(r)
  1. A vine or climbing plant that readily grows up a support or over other plants
  2. Someone seeking social prominence by obsequious behaviour
    - social climber
  3. Someone who ascends on foot
    "a solitary climber of the staircase";
    - mounter
  4. Someone who climbs as a sport; especially someone who climbs mountains
    "the lead climber looked strong still but his partner often slumped in his ropes"
  5. An iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing
    - crampon, crampoon, climbing iron

Derived forms: climbers

Type of: arriviste, ascender, athlete, jock [N. Amer, informal], nouveau-riche, parvenu, spike, upstart, vine

Encyclopedia: Climber