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Adjective: cloistered  kloys-tu(r)d
  1. Of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows
    - cloistral, conventual, monastic, monastical
  2. Providing privacy or seclusion
    "the cloistered academic world of books";
    - reclusive, secluded, sequestered
Verb: cloister  kloys-tu(r)
  1. Surround with a cloister, as of a garden
  2. Surround with a cloister
    "cloister the garden"
  3. Seclude from the world in or as if in a cloister
    "She cloistered herself in the office"

See also: private, unworldly

Type of: border, environ, insulate, isolate, ring, skirt, surround

Encyclopedia: Cloistered