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Noun: shining clubmoss
  1. A variety of club moss, also known as shining firmoss (Lycopodium lucidulum)
    - Lycopodium lucidulum
Noun: mountain clubmoss
  1. Of northern Europe and America; resembling a miniature fir
    - fir clubmoss, little clubmoss, Lycopodium selago
Noun: tree clubmoss
  1. A variety of club moss, commonly called ground pine, prince's pine, or princess pine (Lycopodium obscurum)
    - ground fir, princess pine, Lycopodium obscurum
Noun: club-moss  'klúb,mós
  1. Primitive evergreen moss-like plant with spores in club-shaped strobiles
    - club moss, lycopod
Noun: clubmoss family
  1. A family of ferns belonging to the order Lycopodiales
    - Lycopodiaceae, family Lycopodiaceae
Noun: alpine clubmoss
  1. A variety of club moss which occurs throughout northern latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere (Lycopodium alpinum)
    - Lycopodium alpinum

Derived forms: club-mosses, club mosses

Type of: Christmas green, fern ally, fern family, ground pine

Part of: class Lycopodiate, class Lycopsida, Lycopodiales, Lycopodiate, Lycopsida, order Lycopodiales

Encyclopedia: Shining clubmoss


Alpine clubmoss