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Adjective: collectivised  ku'lek-ti,vIzd
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: collectivized)
  1. Characterized by the principle of ownership by the state or the people of the means of production
    - collectivized
  2. Subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively
    - collectivist, collectivistic, collectivized, state-controlled
Verb: collectivise  ku'lek-ti,vIz
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: collectivize)
  1. Bring under collective control; of farms and industrial enterprises
    "The North Koreans attempted to collectivise agriculture in the early 1920s";
    - collectivize

See also: collective, socialist, socialistic

Type of: organise [Brit], organize

Encyclopedia: Collectivised