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Adjective: combined  kum'bInd
  1. Made, joined or united into one
Verb: combine  kum'bIn
  1. Put or add together
    "combine resources";
    - compound
  2. Have or possess in combination
    "she combines charm with a good business sense";
    - unite
  3. Combine so as to form a whole; mix
    "combine the ingredients";
    - compound
  4. Add together from different sources
    "combine resources"
  5. Join for a common purpose or in a common action
    "These forces combined with others"
  6. Gather in a mass, sum, or whole
    - aggregate
  7. Add together different elements
    "The colours combine well";
    - blend, flux, mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, merge

See also: compounded, conglomerate, occluded, one, rolled into one, sorbed

Type of: add, amalgamate, change integrity, chip in [informal], commix [archaic], contribute, feature, give, have, interact, kick in, mingle, mix, unify

Antonym: uncombined

Encyclopedia: Combined

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