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Adjective: commanding  ku'mãn-ding
  1. Used of a height or viewpoint
    "a commanding view of the ocean";
    - dominating, overlooking
Verb: command  ku'mãnd
  1. Be in command of
    "The general commanded a huge army"
  2. Make someone do something
    - require
  3. Demand as one's due
    "This speaker commands a high fee"; "The author commands a fair hearing from his readers"
  4. Look down on
    "The villa commands the town";
    - dominate, overlook, overtop
  5. Exercise authoritative control or power over
    "Command the military forces";
    - control

See also: high

Type of: demand, dominate, enjoin, exact, lie, master, order, say, tell

Encyclopedia: Command, control, communications