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Noun: complexion  kum'plek-shun
  1. The colouring of a person's face
    - skin color [US], skin colour [Brit, Cdn]
  2. A combination that results from coupling or interlinking
    "diphthongs are complexions of vowels"
  3. A point of view or general attitude or inclination
    "he altered the complexion of his times"; "a liberal political complexion"
  4. Texture and appearance of the skin of the face
  5. [archaic] A combination of elements (of dryness and warmth or of the four humours) that was once believed to determine a person's health and temperament
Verb: complexion  kum'plek-shun
  1. Give a certain colour to
    "The setting sun complexioned the hills"

Derived forms: complexioned, complexioning, complexions

See also: blond, blonde, brunet [US], brunette, light-haired

Type of: appearance, color [US], coloring [US], colour [Brit, Cdn], colouring [Brit, Cdn], combination, nature, outlook, point of view, slant, stand, standpoint, tinct, tinge, tint, touch, viewpoint, visual aspect

Encyclopedia: Complexion