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Adjective: concealed  kun'seeld
  1. Not accessible to view
    "concealed damage";
    - hidden, out of sight
  2. Hidden on any grounds for any motive
    "a concealed weapon"; "a concealed compartment in his briefcase"
Verb: conceal  kun'seel
  1. Prevent from being seen or discovered
    - hide
  2. Hold back; keep from being perceived by others
    "She conceals her anger well";
    - hold back, hold in, disguise

See also: bushwhacking [N. Amer], covert, dark, furtive, hidden, incog [informal], incognito, invisible, obscure, sealed, secret, shady, sneak, sneaking, sneaky, stealthy, surreptitious, unavowed, unseeable

Antonym: unconcealed

Encyclopedia: Concealed