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Verb: consort  'kón,sort
  1. Keep company with; hang out with
    "He consorts with strange people";
    - associate, affiliate, assort
  2. Go well together
    "The colours don't consort";
    - harmonize, harmonise [Brit], accord, concord, fit in, agree
  3. Keep company
    "the heifers consort with the bulls to produce offspring";
    - run
Noun: consort  'kón,sort
  1. The husband or wife of a reigning monarch
  2. A family of similar musical instruments playing together
    - choir
  3. A husband, wife, companion or partner
  4. A ship accompanying another

Derived forms: consorted, consorts, consorting

Type of: accompany, agree, better half [informal], check, correspond, fit, gibe, interact, jibe, married person, marry, marry up, match, mate [informal], other half [Brit, informal], partner, set, spouse, tally

Encyclopedia: Consort, Alberta