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Adjective: consummated  'kón-su,mey-tid [N. Amer], 'kón-s(y)û,mey-tid [Brit]
  1. Brought to completion
    "a consummated transaction"
  2. (of a marriage) completed by having sexual intercourse
Verb: consummate  kón-su-mut or kun'sú-mut [N. Amer], kón-s(y)û-mut or kun'sú-mut [Brit]
  1. Complete a marriage by having sexual intercourse
    "consummate a marriage"
  2. Make perfect; bring to perfection

See also: completed, fulfilled

Type of: accomplish, action, carry out, carry through, execute, fulfil [Brit, Cdn], fulfill [N. Amer]

Antonym: unconsummated

Encyclopedia: Consummated