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Noun: conveniences  kun'veen-yun(t)-suz [N. Amer], kun'vee-nee-un(t)-sis [Brit]
  1. Things that make you comfortable and at ease
    "all the conveniences of home";
    - comforts, creature comforts, amenities
Noun: convenience  kun'veen-yun(t)s [N. Amer], kun'vee-nee-un(t)s [Brit]
  1. The state of being suitable or opportune
    "chairs arranged for his own convenience"
  2. The quality of being useful and convenient
    "they offered the convenience of an instalment plan"
  3. A toilet that is available to the public
    - public toilet, comfort station [N. Amer], public convenience [Brit], public lavatory, restroom [N. Amer], toilet facility, wash room, ablution [S.Africa]
  4. A device or control that is very useful for a particular job
    - appliance, contraption, contrivance, gadget, gizmo, gismo, widget

See also: convenient, inconvenient

Type of: bathroom, bog [Brit, informal], bread and butter, can [N. Amer, informal], closet [archaic], comfort, comfortableness, device, facility, john [informal], keep, lav [informal], lavatory, livelihood, living, loo [Brit, informal], suitability, suitableness, support, sustenance, toilet, W.C. [Brit], water closet [Brit, archaic]

Antonym: inconvenience

Encyclopedia: Convenience